Somatics means Relating to the Body.

Many Paths up the Mountain

Does your body sometimes feel frozen and difficult to move, and at other times so tense or restless that it is challenging to relax? Come explore Somatic Experiencing®, a scientifically supported body-based healing modality developed by trauma scientist and therapist, Dr. Peter Levine. Therapeutic touch is always available during any Somatic service, however, all Somatic Service offerings are done without disrobing.

The word somatic means "relating to the body." And since there are so many different ways that we can relate to our bodies, I offer the menu below as a tool to pinpoint some of the different approaches that you feel would work best for you or your family.

Please understand that any of the Somatic / Body Services offered are not a substitute for any medical, mental, emotional, or physical health care services. Please read the full Disclaimer below.

Spectrum Healing Somatic / Body Services

Body Inquiry

Would you like to examine boundaries or consent from your body's point of view? How does it feel in your body when you answer "Yes" vs. "No?" Do you have questions about somatics or emotional regulation? Would you like to explore the art of questions? How does your body feel when you ask it what it needs? Are you questioning your questions too?


Are you wondering what movements might help your nervous system unwind? Would you like assistance in asking your body what movements it needs to feel? Do you have difficulty with verbal communication? Perhaps you prefer to move or dance your way through an experience rather than speak about it? This option might also interest Physical, Massage, or Occupational therapists who want to enrich their practice.


Not everyone has time to read “Trauma Proofing Your Kids,” so I’ve made it easy to learn how with this service. As a single mother of a toddler, I know how stressful parenting can be! I’d love to share the Somatic practices, games, and reparenting tools that helped me untangle my body from the weight of the past and get so much more joy out of being a mom!

Somatic Sounds

Do you want to express sounds or words, but you feel like they're trapped? Would you like to explore relating to your body using sound? Do you have a story, song, or poem that you want to share? Is there a sound or song that bothers you more than you think it should? This option might be the one for you!

Clowning / Play

Feeling Bored? Feeling Stuck? Is something blocking your path to play? Would you like to experiment with pairing things you enjoy with things you don't so you can have more fun? Maybe you want to play somatic learning games? “Somatic Play” might be a great option for you or your family! Also, I love to Entertain/Educate Children (and adults) with Silly, Surreal, and “Somatic Clowning!”

Somatic Art

How does your body feel when you imagine your favorite colors surrounding you? Would you like to discover how your body feels through art and color? Somatic Art is an invitation to discover and express your inner artist. I can provide canvas and acrylic paints for a small add on fee. This service is great for those who want to have a memorable "ladies night" or somatic group session.


Are you wondering why you have a lot of resistance to something you love or why you continue to think about something you don't have any interest in? This is an option that may assist you in exploring your body's relationship to an image, sound, movement, word, object, place, sensation, or any other curiosity.


Would you like to understand how the autonomic nervous system can impact the children you teach? Are you interested in learning techniques to help children access their innate capacities for attention, motivation, and curiosity? The Somatic Teachers option may also be useful for School Counselors, School Psychologists, Administrators, or daycare providers who work with children.

Somatic Groups & Somatic Schools

Are you interested in getting a home school or other small group together to learn somatic skills? Or are you wanting members of your church or synagogue to learn about trauma healing? Then “Somatic Groups” can provide you with this format! “Somatic Schools” is a large project that I am working on which involves utilizing a Kindness Systems approach to activate community trauma healing within the public school system. Please see my website (In Progress!) if you would like to learn more:

Spectrum Healing Philosophy

I chose the business name "Spectrum Healing" over 21 years ago to express that there are many different approaches to healing. I also chose the name to express my love of diversity, color, and my desire to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, and boundaries are honored. Please let me know what you need, and I will do my very best to accommodate. Also, I do my best to be sensitive to those with different physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or other neurodiverse needs. I understand that some people may be sensitive to certain smells or sounds, require alternative methods of communication, or need extra time. Even though I do my best, sometimes I make mistakes due to a lack of understanding or my own neurodiverse differences. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I need to change something to make your experience better!

Understanding More about Somatics and Trauma Responsive Care

Traumatic Events and Healing with Somatic Experiencing®?

Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) was developed by trauma therapist Dr. Peter Levine who was motivated to study the animal nervous system when he noticed that animals are constantly under threat of death, yet rarely show signs of trauma.

What he discovered was that trauma has to do with the third survival response to a perceived life threat, which is freeze. When fight and flight are not options, we freeze and immobilize, like “playing dead.” This makes us less of a target. However, this reaction is time-sensitive, in other words, it needs to run its course, and the massive energy that was prepared for fight or flight gets discharged, through shakes and trembling. If the immobility phase doesn’t complete, then that charge stays trapped, and, from the body’s perspective, it is still under threat.

The Somatic Experiencing® method works to release this stored energy and turn off this threat alarm that causes severe dysregulation and dissociation. SE helps people understand this body response to trauma and work through a “body first” approach to healing.

Although SE™ is a tool used by psychotherapists, SE™ is not talk therapy. And, I do not provide psychological diagnosis, talk therapy, or mental health therapy. With its focus on promoting a more regulated nervous system, it may be more correctly characterized as accompanied, supported physical self-discovery.

When a client wishes to renegotiate their bodily responses to stressors in their environment, SE™ does not require reliving or retelling a traumatic event. Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) is used in my Somatic Bodywork services to help individuals learn how to settle and release physiological activation from their bodies. I am happy to send you information on scientific research, books to read, or other SE™ resources if you are interested.

Traumatic Events Break our Boundaries. Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) works to restore the breach by assisting you with discharging the "body memory" of the event that is being stored within your soft tissues.

How does it feel in your body to say "yes" to receiving touch now? How does it feel in your body to say "no" to receiving touch now?

Touch and SE

Therapeutic touch is available during any SE™ / Somatic Bodywork service with me, but it is not a requirement. I will never give touch without your consent. Scientific research has identified that the use of touch is one of the key factors contributing to the effectiveness of SE™, so I may offer to teach you self-touch containment holds if you would prefer not to receive therapeutic touch from me. But only if this interests you.

During a traditional massage service, after consent is given, the client disrobes to their level of comfort and is covered with linens for the massage. I always check in periodically to ensure your comfort and allow for quiet unless you prefer conversation during the massage. Somatic Bodywork is not like a traditional massage. One difference is that clients remain fully clothed to enable access to bodily agency and ease of movement during a somatic bodywork service. This is why some clients choose to add-on Chair Massage so that they can receive the benefits of a more traditional massage whilst remaining fully clothed before moving into the Somatic Bodywork portion of our time together.

Somatic Bodywork services are dynamic and varied in ways that traditional massage services are not. For example, you may be given education about the autonomic nervous system, trauma-responsive care, or asked to share an impression of the internal sensations that you feel in your body, such as tightness, heat, shakiness, expansion, relaxation, etc. I may teach you ways to track, or follow, these sensations with your awareness and utilize somatic tools such as moving your head to observe the environment or using visualizations that bring you a feeling of wellness if a sensation feels overwhelming. Often, there will be some level of movement during our time together when it feels appropriate for your body.

I may work with you to incorporate imagery, breathing, movement, sounds, or other ideas that work for you. And, any suggestions I offer are simply that: suggestions. It is always my goal for you safe in asking for what you need in the moment, and disregarding, modifying, or terminating anything that is not working for you.

Service settings include but are not limited to the following: Services may be given indoors or outdoors, in office, at home, spas, health care clinics, online, or other locations depending on your preference and my availability.

If you are receiving any form of touch, massage, or bodywork from me, I will always do my best to check in and ensure you are comfortable. If you experience any discomfort or pain, please let me know right away so I can make any necessary adjustments.

What is an example of a Somatic Practice?

Taking notice of the here and now by allowing the head and eyes to go where they want to go is one simple technique that may help when the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is activated via flight, fight, or freeze. With practice, we hope to shift the autonomic nervous system to sense relative safety when our internal alarms get triggered and no threat is currently present. Activating your real imagination by visualizing that you are with a person, place, item, animal, plant, or activity that makes you feel okay or safe can also help settle your ANS when it is triggered.

Spectrum Healing Fees and Equitable Exchange Sliding Scale Rates

I reserve a portion of my practice for lower or higher-income persons to participate in an equitable exchange sliding scale rate. This allows for some higher-income individuals to pay a higher fee so that I can offer lower-income individuals to have access to Spectrum Healing’s Services. Please understand that all equitable exchange sliding scale rates are subject to revert to the “normal rate” before our next meeting is scheduled should either of our financial situations change.

Except for Group Rates, Clowning, traditional Massage Therapy services, Arts & Crafts, Add-Ons, Discounts, or other Specialized Services not mentioned, the "normal rate" for Spectrum Healing’s Somatic Bodywork Services is 120.00 per hour. If you are late for your appointment or need additional time, I sometimes offer additional minutes at a rate of 2.00 per minute when my schedule allows for this. You may add-on Chair Massage to any Somatic Service which requires an add-on fee of 30.00/hr.

***All New Somatic Bodywork clients receive a 20% discount rate for their first 3 sessions with mention of this promotion***

Optional Sliding Scale Rates for 1 hr Somatic Bodywork Services are generally as follows:

Donation-based - I am currently at capacity with my donation-based service offerings to individuals/families with severe financial difficulties. I will open up this option again as soon as financially possible.

30-50/hr. very low-income individuals - those on Medicaid meet this criterion

60-100 /hr. - lower-income sliding scale rate to those who need it

120/hr. - Normal hourly rate unless we have a sliding scale agreement

140-350/hr. for those with higher income who would like to assist lower-income individuals with receiving my services.

If you wish, you may choose to sponsor an individual or family by purchasing gift certificates for my normal hourly rate, or simply give more when you can, and reset to the "normal rate" for our next meeting.

If you are a low/lower income individual who would like to participate in the sliding scale rate program, please be aware that these lower rates are only for Somatic Services (ie: Somatic Experiencing® / Somatic Bodywork.), and not for traditional massage therapy services (ie: Swedish, Myofascial, Reiki, Deep Tissue, pregnancy massage, deep-tissue, chair massage, etc). The reason for this is because of the physical demand that traditional massage therapy puts on my body.

Massage Therapy Services Rates

120.00 for - 1 Hour Swedish, Trigger point, Myofascial, Pregnancy, Chair, Reiki, or Integrative Massage

180.00 for 1 1/2 hour massage therapy

Please see "Massage Therapy" Services link for the full menu of services.

Gift Certificates are available

Clowning Services Rates

Due to the labor-intensive nature and unseen hours of preparation that go into it, all Clowning Services prices are non-negotiable 2 hours for a 300.00 minimum fee, even if you do not need the full 2 hours of my time during your event. My time starts at the agreed-upon hour, and ends when that time is over, so please plan accordingly. Also, 50% of the payment is due prior to the date of the event and is non-refundable. Parental supervision is required at all times during your event if children are present.

Arts/Crafts Services Rates

The fees for this depend on the art or craft I am preparing for you. Please contact to discuss.

Rates Philosophy

I seek to provide ethical exchange services utilizing Time for Time banks, bartering, Donation based, and Sliding Scale services whenever possible. Many Somatic Practitioners ask for 150.00 or more an hour for their services. This might be a fair/equitable exchange for some, but certainly not always. For those who have a great deal of financial success, own several properties, and would like services from me, a single mother of meager means who is working to make somatic and trauma-responsive care accessible to everyone, and offering donations-based services as often as possible, what is equitable might be much more than 150/hr. In contrast, I would feel it is unethical to ask someone who was barely scraping by to pay this amount.

When we charge people automatically a price, or "autonomically," it diminishes our ability to think about finances in a humanistic and thoughtful way. When we charge automatically, we end up missing the context of the person/family, their life situation, and what that financial exchange actually means to them. Although I wanted to have a solely equitable exchange fees practice, I decided that I needed to create a "Normal Rate" and "Sliding Scale Fee Rate" for folks to have an option to participate or not. Because choice is healing. Choice matters. We have all suffered quite enough from a lack of choice in our society, and in our childhood. For folks who have less access to choice, due to the involuntary systemic practices of our culture, I am sorry for this. I am doing my best to increase awareness and access at my capacities. As my financial, physical, emotional, and mental capacities increase, I commit to doing my best to make sure I do not hold those increases for myself alone. I know we are all in this together.



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