I am a child of the Omniverse

I would not exist without countless beings, both seen and unseen, giving me life and granting me passage.

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Pictured: My three-year-old child and myself in Palenque, Mexico

About Me.

The parents who raised me (father and stepmother) were both born and reared in Nigeria as children of missionaries. My father later went to live on a Kibbutz in Israel, learned and taught Hebrew, and studied theology. He spent his life working in social services for those with head and spinal cord injuries. My stepmother spent her life work as an elementary school special needs teacher in an all-black school in Fairfield County, S.C. My step-father works in hospital administration and my mother worked as an addiction and recovery counselor.

I was raised with my brother on Turtle Island in what is currently called Columbia, S.C. as an Israelite. In childhood, I attended Baptist and Evangelical churches as well as Conservative and Orthodox Jewish Synagogues. When I was twelve, I began exploring spirituality in all its forms. For much of my life, I struggled immensely with self-destructive patterns stemming from systems of trauma. The depth of suffering once experienced from frequent bouts with anxiety, depression, addiction, and self-harm no longer haunts me as it once did, but that's not to say, I'm "healed." I don't believe that anyone can fully heal until All Children Everywhere have quality basic needs met, and we are living in symbiosis with our ecosystems. I now use my life experience to inspire my work in Community Trauma Healing.

I recognize that there was a significant amount of white privilege involved throughout my life that helped me to do things like access trauma healing resources. I no longer identify as white because I believe that "whiteness" is a toxic construct, but I recognize that my fair skin continues to grant me white privileges such as increased access to resources and decreased barriers to health and wellness. I am committed to working toward dismantling white supremacy and colonizing practices or beliefs to the best of my ability. This includes but is not limited to the following: speaking up when racism is evident and rooting out any subconscious racist or ableist beliefs that have been programmed into my mind, developing relationships with ecosystems, seeking to understand and practice sustainable solutions, and speaking out against the military, police, and prison industrial complexes.

My preferred name is Solairah, but I still use my birth name "Rebecca Joy Playfair" as well. I identify as a Neurodiverse Neurotypical, Israelite Celtic Christian Jewish Pagan Animist, Radical Faerie Queer Femme, Conservative Liberal Anarchist, Mother Child, Silly Surreal Somatic Schools Clown Educator, PlayFair Party Games Dreamer, and Kindness Systems Manager. I went to massage therapy school after graduating high school and then to physical therapist assistant school in my 20s. After many years of traveling and working in a variety of settings (spas, outpatient clinics, home health, and skilled nursing facilities) and locations (North and South Carolina, Virginia, California, Oregon, Hawaii), I am doing my best to root back down not too far from my hometown. My son and I are currently living in (so-called) Asheville, N.C.

Muse Artist

Artists need a Muse and a Muse needs an Artist. I have work played as both in my lifetime. I offer platonic Muse sessions to artists who feel blocked or uninspired in their work. I offer Artist's sessions to Muses who are bored or want me to create a unique piece of artwork made for them.

Sacred Clowning

I use the term "Sacred Clown" to express my aim to provide entertainment with kindness education. After graduating the American Clown Academy in 2022, I am now offering Sacred Clowning services to children, families, groups, and organizations who would like them. The Sacred Clowning Acts that I do can be described as Silly, Surreal, and Somatic.