Silly! Surreal! Somatic! Sensational!

Clowning with Purpose

Hi! I'm Solairah! A Silly, Surreal, Somatic Clown!

I use the term "Somatic Clown" to express my aim to provide clowning that works to educate, entertain, and encourage healthy relating and connections with all of our bodies.

My clowning can be described as Silly, Surreal, and Somatic. I enjoy engaging people in interactive games. I trained in clowning at the Academy of Clown Arts.

I like to try out different clown characters and makeup, but I usually appear in blue face as "Solairah, a 'Sir Reel' Clown from Outerspace." To the left you will see slide show pictures of me after a show with Ms. Bing Bing the clown. playing games with some folks during a day of street clowning, and showing up as "Sir Reel" for a Surreal Sirkus meeting in Pack Square Park.

No matter what type of clowning I am doing, I hope to bring attention to the concept of 'Kindness Systems' which aims to encourage us to put quality basic needs for All Children Everywhere (ACE) as a cultural and organizational framework upon which we all can agree

Below you will find some of the Clowning "Skills" that I Offer / Teach / Play / Act. There are MANY possibilities! Please contact me to discuss what your event needs!

Clown Games – This is SO much Fun because Everyone Gets to Play! I love to play silly, surreal, and somatic games that encourage creativity, connection, kindness, and humor!

Magic Tricks – Some of my magic tricks are designed to bring healing while others are simply silly. Since I am a Clown Magician, you can expect more laughter than mystery.

Juggling – I am VERY GOOD at Dropping Juggling Balls. And, I can teach you how to juggle!

Balancing – Can Stand on One foot, but that’s not all, No, That’s Not All! I can Stand on One Foot while I hold up a Ball! Would you like to See my Balancing Act? Would you like to Try it with me?!

Face - Painting – Sometimes better than a Kindergartener – Would you like to Play with Face Paint or Canvas Painting?

Clown Crafting – Would you like to Make a Clown Craft with me?

Balloon Animal – Avante Garde & Promised to Pop! – Would you like to Learn how to make a surreal pretzel intestinal dog balloon?! Or engage in a balloon sword fight duel?!

Ukulele – Silly and/or Stupid Songs with 1-3 chords – Would you like to Hear?

Hula Hoop – I can hula hoop! Would you like to Learn, too?

Puppetry – I Made a Puppet named Feelings that comes to Life in my Hand! Would you like to Meet Feelings the Puppet? He loves to Teach Kids about Somatics!

Stories – Thankfully, someone taught me to read. Would you like me to read a story to you?

Puns – I have some that are very Punny. Would you like to hear a pun?

Sound Effects – Excellent Sounding Baby Goat. Intermediate Level Farts. Beginner Level Car Horn. I’d love to hear your sound effects!

Gibberish – It’s a very simple language to learn, but difficult to Master. Would you like to speak Gibberish and Pretend to understand one another?

Jokes – Silly or Dumb. Would you like me to share a joke with you? Would you like to make the Joke Funnier with your own Punch Line? I bet you can!

Adult Burlesque ClowningSolairah has many Clown Friends who can put together a Variety Show for Your Event! The Variety show can be designed for an adult-only audience or family-friendly.