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Muse Artist

Artists need a Muse and a Muse needs an Artist. I absolutely love helping people find their inner artists or assisting established artists in removing their creative blocks. In the past, I have never wanted to sell my paintings. Not because I think I'm a great artist (I'm not), and not because I think I'm a terrible artist (I'm not). I simply get very attached to my paintings! I have decided, very recently, that I will not offer small acrylic paintings of your "spirit caricature" to interested persons.

Below you will see some images of my creations. The Infinite Mirror heart presenting the chocolates and truffles that I made for an event was given a larger frame with fairy lights by one of the Surreal Sirkus member's partners for a prop that I needed. "The Clouds" were created by me and a team of talented folks, and have programmable LEDs. The massage candles are made with organic coconut oil and beeswax and make a great "pourable" gift for someone you love. All of the paintings seen were done with acrylic, and some texture was added with gesso.

Whether I am crafting homemade chocolate truffles, props for a Sirkus show, or painting with children, the most important thing, for me, is that I do it with love.

All of the images below come from the same piece of canvas. The painting changes each time I encounter it. The last photo is not the finished painting.

It was so simple. Blue circles.

And then something emerged.

I was angry when Roe v Wade was overturned.

We thought we were lost, but then more friends appeared...

There was still hope...

My sacred clown sun is growing up with me...

This is Shrike's Spirit Caricature currently in progress. I met Shrike at Clown School. This piece was done with acrylic on a 10" x 8" canvas. Don't let the size of the piece, or the person, fool you! He's cute, lovable, and his firey Spirit is anything but small! A protector of Stars, Shrike's Spirit is HUMORUNGUS! Even the largest waves can not put him out, for he holds galaxies within!

My Spirit Caricature in progress. 48 "x 36"

Lightning Cloud, Diamond Sun

It's a Clown thing!

It's Log, It's Log, it's Better than bad it's good! Everyone wants a log, Look How she got a log! It's Floating Right along, Log! it's Log, it's Log, it's big, its heavy, it's burnt. Its Log, it's Log, it's NEWwww LIGHTNING Log! Get yours while supplies last!